What is Happiness?

Everyone wants to be happy, but what does that mean? Is it monetary, a job title, freedom, or some other form of success? When will we know or experience true happiness?

Let’s start with a basic definition from a basic Google search of happiness:

“the state of being happy”

Okay, so what is happy?

“feeling or showing pleasure or contentment”

“fortunate or convenient”

Helpful…for the first time in our lives Google has let us down.

So, where do we go from here?

People are consistently in the pursuit of happiness. In some cases, individuals need to chase happiness to leave depression or trauma behind. Others are climbing ladders to figure it out.

Regardless of the reason, the search for happiness is there. Yet, instead of greeting people with “are you happy?” people ask the generic, mindless, “how are you?” We believe it's because people are scared of the answer. Scared to hear about broken relationships, addictions, loneliness, being unhappy at work, or the many other reasons people aren’t happy these days. Would you know how to respond to why people are unhappy? Would you want to take the time to discuss it?

Happiness might stem from mindfulness, gratitude, or fulfillment. Happiness might be temporary. Happiness might be innate. Happiness is more complicated than it seems.

For us, it’s the simple things in life that contribute to our happiness. Kid’s laughter. Petting dogs. Quietly drinking coffee. The sun beaming warmly on our skin. Stopping and smelling the freakin’ roses.

These little bits of happiness add up, and completely change our days. Nothing beats a genuine smile or act of kindness.

So we ask...Are you happy? What makes you happy?

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