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Marriage…what does it mean? As time pushes on, the definition of marriage and what it means seems to be changing…for better or for worse? Divorce rates are skyrocketing (Red Deer being the highest rate in Alberta), and more and more couples are choosing not to make that trip down the isle We can’t help but to wonder, why?

Marriage was, at a time, viewed as forever. Divorce was an incredibly taboo word and people endured terrible shame when they left a marriage. Nowadays, people don’t blink an eye when speaking about divorce, almost desensitized.

Has divorce become an easy out? Now let’s be clear here, there are many valid and empowering reasons to divorce, things like abuse, domestic violence, child endangerment, and infidelity being a few. No one deserves that! Has today's

society simply drifted away from happily ever after?

We recently read an article by the Washington post on how some individuals are signing contracts with their partners. Expectations, goals, and many what ifs are covered in the contract. Upon reading this article, we couldn’t help but ponder…is this brilliant…sad…or the end of traditional marriage? It is hard to argue that two consenting adults hashing out their relationship goals prior to making a serious commitment is anything but intelligent. Rather figure out things before, rather than separate down the line because of it. Is this the key to life long happy relationships?

Another factor we cannot ignore in looking at marriage and divorce is the dreaded “I” word…infidelity. Because let’s face it, it happens. People these days seem to have a more difficult time being faithful and committed to their partners. Why is this? Commitment seems to be an afterthought for many. Again, we are not saying everybody! Does social media and the countless dating/hook up apps simply make temptation to easily accessed? Is it “easier” to cheat now that it was in the past because of our technological advances? Are the hardships faced daily between couple making “the grass greener”? One can’t help but to think social media plays a factor in this. It has never been easier to reconnect with an old flame or meet new “friends” online.

Being from Red Deer, Alberta another factor we must present is this, many individuals work away from home for long periods of time, whether in the oil and gas industry, or other industries where travel is imminent. Are distance relationships realistic and attainable in the long-term? We cannot image how difficult it must be for these individuals to be away from their loved ones, and vice versa. Eventually, are these relationships breaking down due to distance, frustrations, feelings of “single parenting”, and the challenges of staying connected while separated?

Or perhaps this, maybe our society is simply changing. Maybe the traditional rules of marriage no longer apply. Maybe we are creating our own rules, thus defining our own happiness. Does there even have to be rules?

The topic of marriage is a delicate one, so let’s remember to be respectful of other people’s choices and opinions.

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