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Headline: Crime in Red Deer

     It appears one cannot escape the state of Red Deer, the drugs, the homeless, and the never ending stories of innocent victims to theft.  We can’t seem to frequent any media sites without hearing of more and more crime happening in our neighbourhoods. Upon reading some of the stories being posted, we can’t help but wonder how safe this city truly is to live in, and perhaps more importantly, how the hell did it get this bad!

     Endless break ins, stolen vehicles and bikes, apparently nothing is off the table. Now here’s the thing, we understand these people committing the crimes are more than likely stealing to support their drug habits and/or truly are in need of help, but why has it become a revolving door of no actual punishment and back on the streets in no time? Why are these individuals not being held accountable for their actions and the suffering they cause others? Is the answer more prisons, more mental health and addiction services? What is it going to take to clean up our city?

     We continuously hear stories of the safe injection site being a known chop shop for bikes, if this is public knowledge, why have the police not shut this down!? Why is there not a heavier police presence to these known re-offenders and the places they frequent? Has our city simply given up?

      Now, we are aware the lack of services for these people in need, ridiculous waits lists and passing off people in need from service to service. Sounds to us like the whole system needs an over haul! It is ludicrous that a person in need of mental health or addiction services gets bounced around from place to place. Whatever happened to wrap-around support, whatever happened to agencies working together? We have recently heard absolute horror stories of people in need of serious mental health assistance seeking it to only to sit in emergency for hour upon hour just to be sent home.

     On the other hand, we feel for the agencies fighting day in and day out to help these people in need. Front line staff consistently trying to help and being overwhelmed just to be shut down by the higher ups and having a strip torn off them by clients. Maybe we simply need more resources, including more police. Maybe as citizens, we need to open our minds and have more compassion. Maybe we need to lock up our belongings like Fort Knox to avoid being victimized, when maybe we shouldn’t have to.

     Crime is out of control, we all know this. So let’s do everything we can to protect ourselves and our neighborhoods. Let’s be vigilant in locking our vehicles, doors, garages, and not leaving valuables in vulnerable places, they don’t call it crime of opportunity for nothing. Now we know, people are going to read this and feel some kind of way, we get it, we really do. It is not fair or right what is happening in this city, but until solutions are put in place, we must be cautious. Talk to your MLA’s, tell them what is happening in your neighbourhood. Talk to the police about ways to protect yourself and your belongings. Talk to organizations that help these individuals, maybe they need volunteer assistance or resources. 

     Let’s find ways to bring the community together, instead of further dividing it. 

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