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Updated: Aug 25, 2019

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Headline: Body Positivity

     Body positivity. What is it? What does it mean? The true powerlessness of this statement is one that should be shouted from the roof tops. One for everyone to truly understand and embrace with true self confidence and awareness. And we are not just talking about women, men this ones for you to!

     We’ve all been there, standing in front of a mirror wishing we had smaller thighs, bigger muscles, a flatter stomach, toned arms, or chiseled pecks. We live in a society that promotes the unrealistic... magazines with the perfectly toned models, social media with the highly filtered and photo-shopped photos and videos, and celebrities with the perfect beach bodies.  We constantly see trolls and keyboard warriors ripping others to shreds, pointing out every flaw with harsh criticism and judgement. But why, why can’t we accept others for who they are? Why do people feel they have a right to comment on someone else’s appearance? And more importantly, what happened to acceptance?

     At what age do people truly accept themselves? What factors contribute to self-acceptance? Is it when you achieve a career goal, fitness goal, life goal, or when you just stop giving a shit and say screw it? 

     So here it is, no matter what size or body shape you may be; do not allow this to define who you are! You are beautiful! You are worthy! You are perfectly you and hold your head high! True confidence, self esteem and worth comes from within, not having a flat stomach! So screw the haters and rock that bikini that you love, wear that muscle shirt that makes you feel empowered! Don’t hide or be ashamed of those stretch marks you got while pregnant or going through a growth spurt! Don’t spend your time wishing and wanting what other’s have!  Don’t allow self doubt to stop you from living your best life! Make the changes needed from within and watch your life change and confidence soar!

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