Abortion: Murder vs. Body-Autonomy

Abortion, a word that many shy away from. Simply speaking, the word imposes a certain judgement, stereotype, and unwavering pull at the core of our beliefs, morals, and values.

We have all witnessed the latest news, seen the many photos of protest, and heard the many varying views and opinions. As this is such a sensitive topic, we contemplated whether or not to speak on this. However, felt compelled to explore as some of the content being spread online is quite simply...heart wrenching.

Instead of taking sides, we have decided to take an analytical stance and put forward both research and public opinion. One of the points of view that stand out quite vividly is that “abortion is murder”. The word murder has terrible connotations to begin with; perhaps there could be an alternate less “loaded” word. Individuals with this stance strongly believe that abortion should be completely outlawed. Many comments being shared online include things such as, “women use abortion as birth control, an easy way out, or convenience to their own lives”. Fetal development is also a large contributing factor, as many believe human life should not be terminated by choice.

On the other hand, there is pro-choice. Women have the right to choose what happens with their bodies—body autonomy. Many of these individuals feel that our rights as women must include the right to decide whether to keep or terminate pregnancy. Pro-choice allows women to decide for themselves and their personal circumstances what is right for them.

Recently there has been uproar over this subject as the state of Alabama has banned nearly all rights to abortion. This has ultimately divided not only the states, but Canada as well. Protests for both sides have erupted in all corners. Much hate filled and negativity has swirled from both sides, including signs with horrific pictures and language.

Protesting for what you believe in as well as educated, respectful debates is a good way to fight for what you believe in. However, where is the line drawn between appropriate and inappropriate? When did it become okay to tear each other down and throw hateful words onto one another for varying opinions?

Who decides what circumstance warrants an abortion? How can society shame and criticize someone else’s personal decision? We came across many stories of women who have chose abortion while looking into this discussion. Some of these stories include women who were raped, molested, drug addicted, poverty stricken, and domestic violence survivors. It is impossible to know all the details of someone’s life surrounding their decision to terminate their pregnancy. That said, we are not justifying abortion, simply attempting to see the matter from all views.

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this debate, and likely will continue to be a topic of discussion for all. However, we must remember to respect one another. As individuals we do not have to agree with other’s beliefs, views, and opinions. We have the right to debate them and speak our own truths and beliefs. This is an issue that is always going to be multi-faceted. We simply struggle with calling women murderers, and shaming women on their personal choice. You never know what a woman is going through prior to making this decision; sometimes a little compassion goes a long way.

What's your opinion? How does abortion effect you?

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